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Flooding debris drop off

Residents can drop off sandbags and flood-related debris at several convenient locations across the County of Prince Edward.

Sandbag depot bins are located at the original sandbag pickup locations:

· 15 Coleman Street, Ameliasburgh

· 115 Lake Street, Picton

· 111 Belleville Street, Wellington

Individual bins clearly marked for either sandbags or flood-related debris will be placed at the following locations:

· Consecon – Old Fire Hall

· End of Hiscock Shores Road

· Rossmore – Ridley Street

· End of Sunrise Drive

· Prinyers Cove Park

· Northport – Northport Centennial Park

Debris that has washed up on the shore – material such as driftwood, brush, broken or damaged docks, rafts, or rope – can be deposited in the bins provided.

Construction-related debris must be delivered to a County landfill/transfer site. This includes material removed from structures that were damaged, including drywall, building supports such as 2x4s, or plywood, as well as any debris left over from repairs made to flood-damaged structures. Damaged household furniture and flooring should also be taken to a landfill/transfer site.

Sandbags should be removed as soon as the threat of flooding is over because the sandbags may rot or breakdown over time. Loose or leaking sand near the shoreline can negatively impact streams, wetlands, and storm drains.

Here are some tips for properly handling sandbags:

· Wear gloves and boots to protect yourself from scrapes and contaminants.

· Because of the possibility of contamination and the health and environmental risks they pose, sand from sandbags should never be used in sandboxes, playgrounds, or other areas where it will be on the ground surface or directly in contact with people.

· Sand should not be disposed of in a wetland, waterway, flood plain, or other environmentally sensitive or protected area.

· Do not dispose of sand into the local watercourse.

For information or to request assistance, contact County of Prince Edward Customer Service at 613.476.2148 ext. 1023 or email


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