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A Time to Renew

Every year the experts come out with the list of gardening trends and things to watch out for. 2018 seems to be a little different. There are still the great lists of new plants and new fabric colours, but the consensus this year is that it’s a perfect year for starting over. Now is the time for making the outdoor changes we’ve been putting off.

It’s a perfect time to renew our love for the outdoors and for gardening.

Here are three simple things we can all do that will get the process started and help us make an environmental impact for those around us.

  1. Plant a tree. Trees are the backbone of any well-designed garden. They help define the space and give it structure. With different shapes and sizes, trees allow us to fill holes, create privacy, and add colour. On a larger scale, trees are disappearing at an alarming rate all around the world. We need them to clean the air of the pollutants we put into it. The world is also quickly becoming a warmer place. On average, a shade tree in a garden can reduce the air temperature by up to two per cent in a backyard. They can also help to keep our homes cool as nature’s air conditioner. One new tree in your backyard will help make a difference for many years to come.

  1. Plant some herbs or vegetables. Its not a surprise that food pricing continues to go up. With larger populations, the availability of fresh produce decreases. After years of farmers having to compete to survive, organic vegetables are becoming the hot crop. For most homeowners, having a veggie garden in the backyard is a daunting situation. However, container vegetables are easy which is why the G.I.Y. (Grow It Yourself) movement has taken off. This spring, instead of purchasing annuals for decoration plan on buying some large flowerpots that will not only look great on the deck or patio, but will give you a return on your investment. There is a large list of vegetables that will grow in containers including tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and lettuce.

  1. Plant some nectar producing flowers. With dwindling butterfly and wild bee populations, adding more food sources to your garden can look great, and be beneficial at the same time. Consider lilacs, daylilies, asters and coreopsis. Just beware of purchasing plants that have been treated with neonicotinoids; the chemical largely responsible for decreasing insect populations. In 2015, I am planting a meadow using organically grown seeds. This might be a big commitment for most homeowners, but if everyone puts in a few plants, just think of the difference we can make.

There is nothing quite like making a change that starts you on a better path for the future. Lets all take the first step forward in 2018 by renewing our own outdoor spaces.


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