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Medical marijuana site a step closer to approval

Gregory Parker addressing Belleville’s Planning Committee on medical marijuana project, March 5, 2018 (Photo: Mary Thomas/Quinte News)

Belleville’s Planning Committee is recommending that city council approve rezoning to allow a medical marijuana facility in the city.

The Toronto company, Kente Venture Corp, is planning to establish an educational centre for medical marijuana in the former Nortel building on Sidney Street.

Representative Gregory Parker told the city’s Planning Committee last night there would be eight feet tall barbed wire fencing and security cameras around the site.

It would be strictly research and development and no cultivation of the plants.

The project must meet Health Canada guidelines.

Parker said he expects the company will employ 25 to 50 people at the beginning and 200 when at full capacity.

When questioned by Councillor Mike Graham, Parker said they would be laboratory type jobs.

Some members of the public expressed concern about it being next to an elementary school.

Councillor Paul Carr questioned Parker about the signage on the building and was told it would not indicate marijuana, simply the company name.

Carr asked that the motion to recommend approval include no growing and cultivation of marijuana on the site and the committee agreed.


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