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Quinte Conservation issues Level 2 low water condition

Quinte Conservation has declared a Level Two Low Water Condition.

That means a “potentially serious water supply problem” could be on the way if we don’t get some precipitation.

The bulletin has been issued for the entire watershed due to a lack of rainfall recently and residents and businesses are being asked to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20 percent.

People on wells should also be careful about their water usage.

Watershed Monitoring Coordinator Lynette Lambert says the low water conditions will remain unless we get some steady rain over the next month, or so.

While there is rain in the forecast the next couple of days, it’s not known if it will be enough to improve the conditions.


One comment

Lindy says:

Joseph, Great updates, this one and the Pioneer / U.S. Silica article are a solid sign that there are companies moving forward with a long term vision and goal. This update on Wildhorse”s sand mine and efforts to build out a midstream system for their oil and produced water is a sight for sore eyes! This is another BIG step by an independent company in the right direction. Once the industry considers the issues that hinder efficiencies and prevent “factory frac operations, it will be obvious that Wildhorse”s vision is a great first step. The next step will be upgrading the midstream capabilities to be able to pump sand and water through the system to the frac sites, eliminating trucks delivering sand and simultaneously delivering water. If this step is considered during the planning and design stage the incremental costs to upgrade the system for hydrotransport of sand is very cost effective. At the point this model of change becomes the standard vs. a vision, E&P”s will realize the benefits of the midstream model for sand and water delivery and production and produced water collection as another operation that has been perfected through coordination between E&P”s and midstream companies over the years. Best regards, Brad Marcak HIPPO USA andy kaufman character tony

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