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Belleville’s “bus with an app” expanding

The success of Belleville’s bus with an app, a North America first,  has prompted the Transit Committee to ramp up the service.

The bookings on the bus with the app have become “so much so fast” that the Transit Committee decided this week to expand the service. So far 520 riders have registered for the on-demand service.

Transit Chair Councillor Jack Miller.


He says, “We’re thinking there is a risk that the demand will exceed our resources at some point. A good problem but one that will have to be addressed.”

Miller indicated, “The pilot project is being watched across the country to see how it works here. We are the test program for this system with Pantonium (the company involved). Call us guinea pigs if you want. We’re perfectly sized to be the test system for it. It’s been gaining a lot of national attention.


He expects to see it adopted Canada-wide. “If it’s successful here, which it now looks like it is, then I think you’ll see this beginning to be adopted in other transit systems in the country, ” said Miller.


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