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Pops of colour

This is such a dangerous time of year for your bank account! Spring is when we come out from our caves and start trying to shake off the cabin fever! Sadly, this is the time of year when we gravitate to bright bold colours in clothing, indoor paints and outdoor decor, mostly because everything has been so drab for so many months and we are all starving for a little colour. Take a look at the store windows at this time of year and you’ll start seeing bright botanical prints, electric neon and tons of bold primary patterns and solids. We all want colour and we start to buy things that fill the need. Unfortunately, our desire for colour can lead us into some unfortunate purchases. When it comes to spring and the outdoors, I see people getting excited about gardening and just being outside. Combine that with a desire for more colour and you have a recipe for some very bad decisions. I have a wind chime with fluorescent fish to prove my point! Instead of ending up with your own regrettable choices, there are a few simple rules you should follow.

Bright colours should never be in the hardscaping. I always try and steer my clients away from using bright colours in spots that are expensive to change. When we go with statement colours in things like siding, patio stones or deck stains, we have to live with our choices until we can afford to replace them. You also have to remember that bold colour choices also impact your resale value. Whether you plan to sell soon, or way down the road, you never want to eliminate a buying group who might not like your choices. Paint on the other hand is a great way to add LOTS of colour and then switch it out when you are in the mood for something different.

Accessories are the absolute easiest way to add pops of colour and then put them away until you need them again. I have a spring assortment of pillows and décor pieces that I use right up until July before I swap them out for my summer options. As the light levels get brighter and brighter heading into the summer months, homeowners and designers start to gravitate towards soothing and cool colour combinations like navies mixed with taupes because they are easier on the eye when the sun is blazing outside. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add a pop of colour when you need it and the beauty of outdoor fabrics; they store really well until you need them again because they are designed to handle mold, mildew and all the outdoor elements.

When in doubt, say it with annuals. Flowers that bloom for one season are my absolute favourite way to add colour with minimal long-term commitment. This year I am going for deep purples combined with whites and reds. Who knows what I’ll do next year, but I have a whole 365 days to figure it out. Don’t fall into the spring-colour trap. Make choices for your outdoor space that allow you to get it wrong and still be able to easily recover…without having to empty you bank account.


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