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Councillor says Friendly City shouldn’t be killing wildlife

Belleville is delaying any move to adopt a new policy on how to deal with wildlife in the city, including beavers.
City council had called for a new policy, following an incident last fall, when residents in the east end rescued a beaver caught in a trap and drowning.
The policy presented to council  by staff this week included rules that live traps should be used as a first step, and killing traps only as a last resort.
In public areas traps would be set in the evening and removed in early morning to avoid danger to the public and pets.
The proposed policy indicated that when animals are found in live traps, they are to be humanely euthanized.
Warning tape, signage or other methods of warning of trapping activity in the area would also be used.
The city would evaluate the area for potential options such as Beaver Baffler or Beaver Cone, prior to any trapping activity.
Councillor Kelly McCaw said she couldn’t support it, adding “We are a friendly city and shouldn’t be killing our way out of a situation.”
Doug Knutson, one of the people who rescued the beaver last fall, tells Quinte News it’s a start but more needs to be done.

Knutson said, “Other cities have quite elaborate non-lethal wildlife solutions.”

The staff report to council noted the importance of dealing with nuisance wildlife in a humane manner, and there is increased public opposition to the killing of beavers and fur-bearing animals in our communities.

Council decided, on a recorded vote of 6-to-3, to delay a decision until August.


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lori borthwick says:

I support councillor McCaw drowning wildlife should not be a solution! Live and humane traps and relocation would be my preferred choice! Thanks to councillor McCaw for bringing this issue to light and to
Mr. Knutson for saving the endangered beaver in question!

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