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MP Bossio hosts climate change town hall

The fight against climate change is one of the most important fights of our generation, and future generations depend on us. If we do not act, our kids and grandkids will face a very different world, with rising seas, mass migration, poverty, and extinctions of the plants and animals we love.

This was the key message at a town hall held by MP Mike Bossio on Saturday, with over 80 constituents crowding Selby Hall.

Extreme weather events across Canada and the world are increasing—forest fires in the West, and tornadoes in Ottawa. Even here in our own community, droughts and floods that traditionally happen only rarely are becoming a common occurrence. Last year, extreme weather cost $1.9 billion in Canada. From 1990 until 2009, the average was $400 million a year. That number is only rising, and is estimated to be as high as $43 billion a year by 205, if we don’t act.

Farmers are unfortunately one of the first to suffer from the effects of climate change through severe weather events like drought and flood. When farmers can’t grow food, we are all in trouble. Through low-till or no-till practices, good stewardship, Environmental Farm Plans, and more, farmers make great efforts to fight climate change. To help, on-farm fuel has been exempt from the price on pollution.

Bossio highlighted the more than fifty new measures the government of Canada is taking to fight climate change, including the most effective one: putting a price on pollution. The Climate Action Incentive built into the price on pollution means that an average Ontario family of four will receive a $307 payment through their Income Tax and Benefit return this year.

Other measures include action in such sectors as:

* Transportation
* Industry
* The Built Environment
* Electricity
* Forestry
* Waste
* Agriculture
* Adaptation and Climate Resilience
* Clean Tech and Innovation
* Government Leadership
* International Leadership

Locally, Bossio pointed to investments being made in public transit in Amherstview, Bancroft, Deseronto, and Centre Hastings.

Bossio pointed to local examples like Napanee’s FireRein, a company that creates an innovative plant-based fire suppressant. Companies like these are creating the jobs of tomorrow, and the government of Canada’s $325,000 local investment last year has helped this business grow. They are now looking to double their employees this year, creating more local jobs.


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