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Walking to save turtles

They are very slow and not particularly attractive but are very important in the natural scheme of things.

If you guessed we were describing turtles, you’re absolutely right.

According to Turtle Guardians, populations of the hard shelled reptiles in Ontario have been dropping
drastically because of road mortality and loss of habitat.

The organization advises that people should be concerned about declining numbers of turtles because they are
Mother Nature’s best vacuum cleaners in our lakes and ponds.  They remove harmful bacteria from water, benefitting us as
well as fish and other animals that rely on water to sustain life.

Turtle Guardians invites the public to take part in annual Turtle Walks to raise awareness and funds to help save and nurture turtle
populations in the province.  The walks feature costume contests, crafts, and live turtles for educational purposes.

Locally, a Turtle Walk is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday June 15 in the parking lot of the Foodland store in Foxboro.

Bagpipers will take part in the walk as this is the year of the Tartan Turtle.

Click on the link below for more information and to register for Turtle Walks.


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